Foundation Grid

Foundation Grid


The Foundation Grid Component lets you easily (really, really, easily) replace your output forms with either 4D View, 4D Column, or AreaList Pro areas. Just install the Grid component and the appropriate plug-in. Foundation 4 will automatically detect the component and use it. A developer hook is included so you can configure the lists. The Grid component even uses the plug-in for displaying choice lists.

If you are using 4D 2004.1 the Grid tool now works with List Box areas.

Design Philosophy

The aim of the Grid component is to provide developers with a consistent API that could be called regardless of the plug-in installed. The developer will be able to install a different plug-in and it’s corresponding component and the program will just run.

You may never design an Output Form again.

Screen Shots

The following screen shots show an Output Form and its replacement using the Grid tool.

Native 4D Output Form


AreaList Pro


4D View

4D Column


List Box


Source Code

All Mac to Basics components are open source.

Occasionally the source code may be unavailable as it is being worked on. If you need the bleeding edge version then email us for a beta copy.

Summit 2007

The source code and presentation materials for the Summit 2007 will be available to conference attendees.