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Foundation Grid

The Foundation Grid Component lets you easily (really, really, easily) replace your output forms with either 4D View, 4D Column, or AreaList Pro areas. Just install the Grid component and the appropriate plug-in. Foundation 4 will automatically detect the component and use it. A developer hook is included so you can configure the lists. The Grid component even uses the plug-in for displaying choice lists.

If you are using 4D 2004.1 the Grid tool now works with List Box areas.

Foundation Select

The Foundation Select component gives end users an easy-to-use dialog for selecting records from related tables. It is meant to replace the standard 4D choice list when looking up a related record, which only displays one field plus the relating field. This component can display up to 22 field columns, and includes optional New and Find buttons.

If you are using 4D 2004 the Select tool now uses List Box for the display and can display pictures.

Foundation Reusable Variables

The Reusable Variables component allows you to have temporary interprocess variables which you can obtain from a pool of variables. This allows you to reduce the number of process variables in your project, since you will no longer need to create them for temporary uses. Just get one from this component, then return it when you're done. This component is provided at no cost to 4th Dimension developers.

This component was originally based on work by Deep Sky Technologies Inc. and is included in their BASh component.

Foundation is not required for this component.

Array Tools

The array tools component includes some common array manipulations, the array tools components includes some code from the NUG & 4D Zine. It is required for the LBSF component.

Foundation is not required for this component.

Foundation List Box Subform

The Foundation List Box Subform component gives developers a way to include list box objects on their input forms. The subform is accessed through a simple API mechanism that gives you complete control of the area. Including callbacks etc.

Source Code

All Mac to Basics components are open source.

Occasionally the source code may be unavailable as it is being worked on. If you need the bleeding edge version then email us for a beta copy.

You can download these components from the downloads page.


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