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01 February 2006

Minor update to Fnd_SLCT component, available for download from downloads page.

08 December 2005

4D 2007 Introduction
Wayne will be giving a report to the 4D Users Group in Sydney on the upcoming 4th Dimension release.

05 December 2005

4D Boot Camp, and intensive three day course on 4D programming

14 October 2005

List Box Subforms
Wayne will be giving a presentation at the 4D Summit in San Francisco. This will detail the the list box sub-form component.

09 March 2005

Introduction to 4D & 4D Meetings
Wayne will be giving a short presentation to the Club Mac user group in Sydney at Crows Nest Centre, Fuller Room, Level 3, 2 Ernest Place, Crows Nest.

02 March 2005

Version 4.1 release of Foundation Components

16 February 2005

4D 2004 Roadshow, Brisbane.

16 December 2004

4D 2004 Roadshow, Melbourne.

13 December 2004

Introduction to 4D seminar, Perth.
4D 2004 Roadshow, Perth.

01 December 2004

4D 2004 Roadshow, Sydney.

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